Making ERM Work

a booster for your risk management

Enterprise Risk Management is not rocket science, yet many organisations struggle to making ERM work.

Help is here: volume one of our compact series “Embedding ERM and Building Resilience” is available on Amazon.

In succinct words, we outline “What Good Looks Like”. Using established practice and terminology, we put all the ‘must-have’ ingredients into one place. In other words we describe “making ERM work “.

If are looking for a compact, buzzword-free “how to” guide for contemporary enterprise risk management, then head over to Amazon and get a copy. If you are Kindle Unlimited subscriber, enjoy the download for free!

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We exhibit ALL the ingredients in one place without reinventing the proverbial wheel. Others have already written ‘dig deep’ textbooks, we focus on the practicalities. This will support you in “Making ERM Work”.

This book uniquely reflects years of practice, teaching, success and struggles that shaped our view of “what good looks like”.

The modular approach, its conciseness and the focus on practicalities make this publication stand-out!

Tan, Ching Guei, Co-author of the book

Subsequent works – manuscript is in preparation – will describe how to anticipate and mitigate potential hurdles and challenges along your ERM-journey.

We also released the book in German; available here or if you require additional information: here.

title page of our practical ERM-guidebook, volume 1