My business partner Mr. Tan Ching Guei and I had the pleasure to share our views on “Embedding ERM to Build Resilience” at the Nanyang Technological University Singapore late May 2024. We were impressed with the high quality of questions, excellent case study work and the many ideas that participants shared. ps: spot the happily… Continue reading Sharing

what good looks like

ERM is NOT rocket science The vast majority of you are good risk managers, both professionally and personally. Risk management is one of the oldest trades, often intuitively performed, applied correctly, and executed effectively.  Nevertheless, clients some times tell us that «their risk management is good, but there must be more to it».   When you… Continue reading what good looks like


It does NOT matter The crux of the matter lies in proper implementation and effective embedding! The wheel has been invented! Risk managers around the world can rely on well-known, tried-and-tested standards for enterprise-wide risk management (“ERM”). In other words, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Instead, we can funnel our energy to the… Continue reading ISO or COSO?

successful risk management

embedding drives risk management success Exciting news! Our new book “How to Make it Work” is now available for purchase. This book is about successfully embedding Enterprise Risk Management and Building Resilience. If you’re interested in making your organisation more resilient, this book is for you! The book compiles practical, true-and-tested advice from two seasoned… Continue reading successful risk management

IA: friend or foe?

Internal Audit: Friend or Foe of Enterprise Risk Management? Microsoft Bing Chat has the answer. During a recent lecture at Nanyang University in Singapore, students enquired with us about the relationship between internal audit (“IA”) and enterprise risk management (“ERM”). Internal governance functions should collaborate to the maximum extend that good governance allows. Effective and… Continue reading IA: friend or foe?

! accelerate !

2023 Covid still is in the news, fortunately, at the time composing this blog, it is no longer the big unknown. Most organisations have found ways to mitigate the corresponding risks. Some organisations even call themselves (pun intended) Covid-positively transformed. Having said that, time is right to look forward and reflect on what we have… Continue reading ! accelerate !

Making ERM Work

a booster for your risk management Enterprise Risk Management is not rocket science, yet many organisations struggle to making ERM work. Help is here: volume one of our compact series “Embedding ERM and Building Resilience” is available on Amazon. In succinct words, we outline “What Good Looks Like”. Using established practice and terminology, we put… Continue reading Making ERM Work