what we do

enterprise wide risk management

We support you during the planning, implementation and evolution of your organization-wide risk management.

Your benefit: organizations with good risk management are more resilient. They can react faster and better to new opportunities and risks. Lastly, they enjoy a much better reputation among stakeholders.

Our method: customers appreciate our individual and tailor-made approach. We do not reinvent the wheel, are flexible and driven to accelerate your journey up the risk maturity ladder.

Our clients give us good feedback about our modular approach towards identifying and solving issues. Similarly to a professional fitness-routine, we start out with a health-check, then determine goals and ambitions and finally jointly execute ruthlessly to make sure the risk management is properly embedded in your organisation.

Megrow offers four different, tailor-made service modules
our four service modules

We start out by analysing the status quo, then set ambitious, yet achievable targets with our clients, and jointly execute the project plan accordingly.

Once ERM ist up, running, and properly embedded, we outline a sensible evolution to ensure ERM serves the client’s ambitions and contributes to the strengthening of resilience.

teaching and coaching

We share our knowledge and experience about ERM and resilience-building with enormous commitment, a lot of passion and a pinch of humour. Your benefit: knowledge + experience + foresight: our training ensures that your organization prospers in the VUCA world.

interim c-suite and board mandates

We are seasoned c-suite executives and experienced board members. We have successfully founded and built businesses and have a flawless track record with regulators in several jurisdictions.