Organizations with good risk management are more successful and resilient. They also enjoy a stronger reputation with their stakeholders.

In other words, they are fitter to prosper and survive in today’s and tomorrow’s VUCA [1] world.

Are you curious about the maturity of your organisation’s risk management? Do you wonder, how strong your organisation’s resilience is?

Answers to these four questions are a good, first gauge:

Q1: your organization’s risk management is strong, but you are convinced that more can be ‘teased’ out of it?

Q2: risk management is not your core business, but you want to manage risks professionally to steer your firm?

Q3: are your stakeholders constantly increasing demands related to risk management and resilience?

Q4: is the flood of external information about resilience, ESG and risk management confusing?

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Since 2015, we are working successfully with authorities, educational institutions and the insurance industry on the subject of company-wide risk management (“ERM”).

Megrow Consulting only uses experienced consultants. We are agile and flexible; driven by efficiency and effectiveness. We focus on your mandate and do not sell you ancillary services or other products.

Our approach and work are always tailor-made to your organisation’s specific needs and ambitions.

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[1] VUCA = volatile, uncertain, complex, ambigious